The foundation Het Taalhuis, a volunteer organization in Roosendaal, has set itself the goal of informally teaching the Dutch language to women whose mother tongue is not Dutch (NT2). We want to make learning the Dutch language accessible to all women.

Cycling lessons are also given, so that people can move more independently.


Het Taalhuis:

  • wants to promote participation in the Dutch society: you cannot fully participate without the language.
  • provides a pleasant meeting point: a relaxed atmosphere is crucial for feeling confident to practice speaking a new language. That is why a conscious decision was made to give the lessons to women by women. And we work in small classes.
  • offers women the opportunity to break through their social isolation.




The foundation Het Taalhuis is managed by a board consisting of:

chairman Claudia van Pul, treasurer Ann van Melle and secretary Saglara Badaeva.

The board meets about 6 times a year to discuss policy matters.


A digicoach deals with all digital matters, digiboards, laptops, etc.

A teaching committee ensures an optimal range of teaching materials and

gives guidance to our teachers where needed.

There are regular meetings with the teachers and a newsletter is published about

6 times a year.




Since 2 April 2012 women  have been welcome at Het Taalhuis to learn or improve their Dutch language and to learn how to ride a bicycle.

Het Taalhuis runs purely on the basis of passionate volunteers (and sometimes sponsors), who recognize and support the social importance of our organization.

Het Taalhuis is a non-profit organization. Tuition fees are kept as low as possible to increase accessibility.

In order to give as many women as possible the opportunity to participate in the classes, there is a babysitting service for children from 6 months to 4 years old.


Previously Roosendaal had an international women's center called Nokta. However, Nokta had to close its doors at the end of 2011 due to municipal budget cuts.

Three volunteers (2 of whom were NT2 teachers) who had been working there at the time decided to continue the Dutch language lessons by starting a new foundation.

From 2012 to 2019 we were housed in the former Mariadal monastery. Due to the repurposing of that building, we moved to Cultuurhuis Bovendonk in 2019, where we have 8 beautiful classrooms and a bicycle shed at our disposal.

Bij Het Taalhuis voel je je thuis!

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